Superhero psychology – an interview with Dr Travis Langley

Below you can read an interview with Dr Travis Langley, psychologist, whose main activity is analyzing fictional characters – mostly superheros. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook as Superherologist and I strongly advise you to do it!

For me this interview was  a dream come true, because it was talking with the most well-known person who does, what I do here and is for me kind of guru.

So – with no longer delay – I invite you to read the English version of the interview with Dr Travis Langley. Its original (Polish) version was a part of 2nd issue of Psychological Magazine Bang!

What links Sherlock with the ancient Roman senators? (Sherlock – TV series)

Some things you should know about mnemotechnics

Have you ever wondered what the creators of Sherlock BBC series done well regarding topics connected to psychology? One thing, for sure: the memory techniques (there is still a slight problem with how they were calling it, though).